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2011 MTN Radio Awards Winners

The goal of the MTN Radio Awards is to recognise and reward those industry players who are adding excellence to the industry.

We salute the following presenters and producers for keeping us tuned in. The finalists and winners of the 2011 MTN Radio Awards are as follows:

Breakfast Show – Commercial

  • Finalists:
    The John Robbie Show – Talk Radio 702
    The Breakfast Xpress – 94.7 Highveld Stereo
    K-fm Breakfast – 94.5 K-fm
    The AdenThomas Show – 567 CapeTalk
    5FM Mornings with Gareth Cliff – 5FM
    Just Plain Breakfast – Jacaranda 94.2
  • Winner:
    Just Plain Breakfast – Jacaranda 94.2 | The judges commended the ‘amazing’ content of this show, commenting that it ‘clearly revealed that, when not on air, the team works hard at developing content for the next show’. “Aside from having high production values, this show is pacy, it flows easily, and it provides some compelling and unpredictable listening. A lot of what happens on the show is fun and irreverent and there is a great deal of spontaneity on the show,” the panel agreed.

Breakfast Show – Non-Commercial

  • Finalists:
    Phalaphala FM Vhandilani – Phalaphala FM
    Super Fantastic Breakfast – Radio 2000
    Breakfast Show – Radio Islam
    Breakfast Show – Umhlobo Wenene FM
    Phaphama – Munghana lo’nene FM
  • Winner:
    The Super Fantastic Show – Radio 2000 | Judges described this show as ‘fun, fast and interesting’, commenting especially on the easy relationship between the team, which creates a flow that’s easy to listen to. They further remarked on the team’s ability to move rapidly between topics while picking up on interesting stories that make the listener feel like part of the experience.

Breakfast Show – Presenter

  • Finalists:
    Gareth Cliff – 5FM
    Darren Scott – Jacaranda 94.2
    John Robbie – Talk Radio 702
    Rob Forbes – Tuks FM
  • Winner:
    John Robbie – Talk Radio 702 | John Robbie’s presentation – ‘interesting, funny, sometimes even challenging’ – makes for compelling listening. The panel further appreciated his easy interaction with listeners, and his deft handling of issues.

Business and Finance Presenter

  • Winner:
    Bruce Whitfield – Talk Radio 702 | Finance is a specialised field, one where the information, if poorly presented, can come across as dry. Bruce Whitfield excels in avoiding this trap with his interesting interpretation of subject matter, and his firm, professional rapport with guests. With his disarming manner, he is unafraid of asking hard-hitting questions, even if they cause discomfort.

Business and Finance Show

  • Finalists:
    Kaya Bizz – Kaya FM 95.9
    The Money Show – Talk Radio 702
    Community Finance – Radio 786
  • Winner:
    The Money Show – Talk Radio 702 | This was a closely contested category and the winner and finalists all turned in very good work, but Bruce Whitfield emerged a clear winner. His engaging presentation of finance and business draws the listener into the programme and makes them feel a part of the story.

Community Presenter

  • Finalists:
    “Delite” – Anthony T Ngcezula – Bay FM 107.9
    Mkontwana Zamile – Zibonele Community Radio
  • Winner:
    “Delite” – Anthony T Ngcezula – Bay FM 107.9 | Anthony Ngcezula gained kudos for a presentation style that is fun, warm and engaging.

Community Project

  • Finalists:
    United we shall stand for Bafana Bafana – Primedia Broadcasting
    Algoa cares for the community – Algoa FM
    Toy Story 2010 – East Coast Radio
    Be an Angel Network – East Rand Stereo
    94.7 Christmas Wish – 94.7 Highveld Stereo
    Lead SA – Primedia Broadcasting
    Outspoken – Radio Today
  • Winner:
    United we shall stand for Bafana Bafana – Primedia Broadcasting | This project was so large in scale, and so powerful, that it stood head and shoulders above all competition, successfully drawing a crowd of over 200 000 to support the national FIFA World Cup 2010™ team. “It was the right concept executed at exactly the right time,” said the judges. “It was heartwarming to see South Africans, irrespective of any individual affiliation, forget their differences and unite behind the national team.”

Content Producer – Commercial

  • Finalists:
    William Scott – Jacaranda 94.2
    Megan Mitchell – 94.7 Highveld Stereo
    Saras Arjunan – Talk Radio 702
    Jonathan Fairburn – Talk Radio 702
    Mzoxolo Jojwana – Talk Radio 702
    Thabisile Mbethe – Talk Radio 702
  • Winner:
    William Scott – Jacaranda 94.2 | “This is one hard-working individual,” agreed the judges. His diligence (both while the show is live and off air) is evident in the show’s fresh sound and the smooth flow of material. After all, it can take hours of sourcing and recording material to obtain just one on-air sound bite lasting a few seconds

Content Producer – Non-Commercial

  • Finalists:
    Helen Mittwoch – Safm
    Zandile Tembe – Ukhozi FM 90.8 – 107.4
  • Winner:
    Zandile Tembe – Ukhozi FM 90.8 – 107.4 | Tight production, attention to detail, and the unerring ability to identity touch points that reach directly into the audience’s hearts and minds are hallmarks of Zandile Tembe’s work. The panel applauded her innovative outlook and understanding of both the medium and her audience.

Daytime Presenter

  • Finalists:
    Redi Tlhabi – Talk Radio 702
    Thato “DJ Fresh” Sikwane – 5FM
    Barney Simon – Jacaranda 94.2
    T Bose – Kaya FM 95.9
    David O’Sullivan – Talk Radio 702
  • Winner:
    Thato “DJ Fresh” Sikwane – 5FM | Full of fun and always innovative, the panel judged DJ Fresh’s fast-paced show to be easy on the ears, engaging and entertaining.

Daytime show – Commercial

  • Finalists:
    Redi Tlhabi Show – Talk Radio 702
    Guy Mc Donald Afternoon Drive Show – Good Hope FM
    The Afternoon Show Off – Gagasi 99.5 FM
    Best with T Bose – Kaya FM 95.9
    Jenny Crwys Williams Show – Talk Radio 702
    David O’Sullivan Show – Talk Radio 702
    Capricorn FM Drive – Capricorn FM
  • Winner:
    Guy Mc Donald Afternoon Drive Show – Good Hope FM | Good production and well researched information make for compelling listening and a show that’s entertaining, fast-paced and well executed.

Daytime show – Non-Commercial

  • Finalists:
    Iketleng – Motsweding FM
    Fokotsa Gee – Motsweding FM
    Butterfly Corner – Radio Islam
    Daytime Show – Lesedi FM
  • Winner:
    Butterfly Corner – Radio Islam | ‘Decidedly different’ is the best way to describe this show; a programme that earns respect for its treatment of challenging issues in a way that is non-threatening while inviting and encouraging audience participation and reaction. As such, it holds tremendous appeal for children and is entertaining as well as educational. It also stands out for making a positive contribution to radio as a medium, creating and developing a new generation of listeners.

Drama Programme

  • Finalists:
    150 Years: Relive the Legacy – East Coast Radio
    iLife Drama Series – Radio Riverside 98.2FM
    No Place for You – Safm
    The Killing of Sistahs – Safm
  • Winner:
    No Place for You – SAfm | Radio drama is a category that defines the ‘theatre of the mind’ experience. This particular submission was wellresearched and effortlessly captured listeners’ imagination with its compelling script, outstanding dramatisation and high production values. “This is the kind of radio production where you would rather remain in your parked car than miss a single word,” commented the judges.

Music Presenter

  • Finalists:
    Sean Loots – Good Hope FM
    Barney Simon – Jacaranda 94.2
    T Bose – Kaya FM 95.9
    Dr Ian Bell – Bush Radio
  • Winner:
    T Bose – Kaya FM 95.9 | It’s clear that T-Bose has a lot of fun on-air – and he takes listeners along for the ride. He’s able to speak knowledgably across a variety of topics, and his show often features informed and interesting guests. T-Bose is able to draw the best out of them with his relaxed manner. The result is a well-produced show that’s entertaining, engaging, and has a good pace.

Music Show

  • Finalists:
    The Homebrew Show – 94.7 Highveld Stereo and 94.5
    (Live) 5 – 5FM
    Barney Simon: Closet Classics – Jacaranda 94.2
    Georgie in the Afternoon – Kaya FM
    Isigqi Se Afrika – Voice of Tembisa
  • Winner:
    The Homebrew Show – 94.7 Highveld Stereo and 94.5 K-fm | This specialist show, dedicated to local music, is an excellent platform for promoting local talent and plays an important role in creating exposure for upcoming musicians. The panel believe that this show definitely has the potential to become a ‘destination’ show, one that is a regular part of a fan’s listening diet.

News and Actuality Presenter

  • Finalists:
    Sakino Kamwendo – Metro FM
    Chris Gibbons – 567 CapeTalk and Talk Radio 702
    Ejaz Khan – Radio Islam
    Lynette Constance Francis – RSG
  • Winner:
    Chris Gibbons – 567 CapeTalk and Talk Radio 702 | Chris Gibbons’ show is so well researched that it brings you up to date on all world events in just one hour. The depth and breadth of the topics covered, combined with Gibbons’ brutally frank approach and ability to ‘find out why the bloody liars are lying’ makes for gripping radio.

News and Actuality Producer

  • Finalists:
    Glynis Crook – 567 CapeTalk
    Anisa Ussuph – East Coast Radio
    Jonathan Fairburn – Talk Radio 702
  • Winner:
    Anisa Ussuph – East Coast Radio | This well-researched programme earned its award as an excellent, informative and entertaining piece of radio. It is exceptionally well-produced and has a novel approach that makes people sit up and take notice.

News and Actuality Show

  • Finalists:
    The Midday Report – 567 CapeTalk
    Today with John Perlman – Kaya FM 95.9
    Praat Saam on RSG – RSG
  • Winner:
    Today with John Perlman – Kaya FM 95.9 | Renowned journalist John Perlman succeeds in covering a multitude of topics and ‘getting people talking’. He doesn’t shy away from addressing challenging issues, and has opened up several difficult debates, drawing opinion from a broad spectrum of the South African public. This makes for controversial, fascinating programming.

News Bulletin Reader

  • Finalists:
    Camilla Bath – Talk Radio 702
    Tara Meaney – Talk Radio 702
    Raymond White – Talk Radio 702
    Lebogang Nthathe – 94.7 Highveld Stereo
    Tessa van Staden – 567 CapeTalk
    Stephen Grootes – Talk Radio 702
  • Winner:
    Stephen Grootes – Talk Radio 702 | Stephen Grootes stands out for his authoritative presentation style. His work around the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ also proved him to be highly flexible; not only did he successfully paint wonderfully vivid images of Johannesburg during the lead-up to the event, but his delivery throughout was also solid and professionally executed.

Night-time Presenter

  • Finalists:
    Kieno Kammies – Talk Radio 702
    Rob Vember – 5FM
    Robbie Kruse – Jacaranda FM
  • Winner:
    Rob Vember – 5FM | Rob Vember presents engaging, fun and relevant content in an edgy, inviting and humorous manner. He has an unerring ability to select topics that elicit a great response, and his material is accessible to listeners through social media platforms.

Night-time Show

  • Finalists:
    Talk at 9 with Kieno Kammies – Talk Radio 702
    The Dr. Eve Show – Gagasi 99.5FM
    Kruse Control – Jacaranda 94.2
    A word on…with Leigh Bennie – Talk Radio 702
  • Winner:
    The Dr. Eve Show – Gagasi 99.5FM | Dr Eve handles delicate topics with a degree of sensitivity that is difficult to master, while never losing her candid approach. She often receives somewhat outrageous or even challenging questions and responses from her listeners, but always manages to be sympathetic, charming and engaging. This could easily develop into a ‘destination’ show.

Night-time Show – Non-Commercial

  • Finalists:
    Hlala Nami – Ikwekwezi FM
    Making a difference with Doug – Radio 2000
    Langarm and Nama Show – Radio Riverside 98.2FM
  • Winner:
    Langarm and Nama Show – Radio Riverside 98.2FM | “Every once in a while, you find a gem of content that is so charming and so ‘special’ that it just makes you want to embrace your radio. This show is one such gem,” enthused the judges. They particularly praised its honesty and sincerity, as well as the appeal it holds for the community it serves. It is also quite distinctly and uniquely South African, brimming with local flavour.

On Air Packaging

  • Finalists:
    World Cup 2010 – 94.7 Highveld Stereo
    Lead SA – Primedia Broadcasting
    On Air Packaging – Jacaranda 94.2
  • Winner:
    World Cup 2010 – 94.7 Highveld Stereo | The exceptional packaging employed by 94.7 Highveld Stereo ultimately serves the greater function of enhancing its brand, commented the judges. Other factors which added to the appeal include excellent production – it would appear that the station invests more effort in this area than most of its peers. The use of station personalities, rather than disembodied electronic voices is especially noteworthy, as is the station’s successful leveraging of the FIFA 2010 World Cup to capture is personality. Judge Tony Lancaster put it best: “Station imaging is so important to cue listeners as to the mood of a station and as shorthand to capture, in a few seconds, the very essence of who they are. As a result, it’s disappointing that so many stations try so hard to sound…like each other.

While I understand the need for the use of funky toys and sound effects in keeping frustrated producers busy, too often they become crutches for hiding inferior shows and bear no resemblance to what is actually broadcast. They fail to capture whatever it is that makes their station unique.”

Promotion/Stunt/Event – Commercial

  • Finalists:
    Push Mike Off – East Coast Radio
    Live Inside Win the Ride: Couples Edition – East Coast Radio
    United we shall stand for Bafana Bafana – Primedia
    The Discovery 702 Walk the Talk – Talk Radio 702
  • Winner:
    United we shall stand for Bafana Bafana – Primedia Broadcasting | The phenomenal turnout of this event – which saw some 200 000 South Africans united in a parade to support Bafana Bafana ahead of the FIFA 2010 World Cup™ – is indicative of its success.

Promotion/Stunt/Event – Non-Commercial

  • Finalists:
    The M.U.S.A.A.F.I.R Campaign – Radio Islam
    ChaiFM Radiothon 2010 – 101.9 ChaiFM
    VIP Treasure Hunt – East Rand Stereo
  • Winner:
    VIP Treasure Hunt – East Rand Stereo | This promotion made for great community involvement, and with interactive activities held at a local mall, it helped to create a tangible presence for the medium of radio.

Sports Commentator

  • Finalists:
    Masedi Simon Ramafalo – Thobela FM
    Natalie Germonas – Radio 2000
  • Winner:
    Masedi Simon Ramafalo – Thobela FM | Masedi Simon Ramafalo did an outstanding job of conveying the excitement and the passion of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, bringing the game straight to the ears and minds of listeners. “It was all about excitement, pace, presence and place,” said the judges.

Sports Presenter

  • Finalists:
    Robert Marawa – Metro FM
    Cindy Poluta – Talk Radio 702
    Marc Lewis – Talk Radio 702
    Lizette Khan – Radio 2000
    Bernie Naude – OFM
  • Winner:
    Cindy Poluta – Talk Radio 702 | Cindy Poluta’s reporting during the FIFA 2010 World Cup was defined by its precision, accuracy, professionalism and versatility. “She managed to maintain her focus on several key events all at once,” said the panel, commenting, too, on her groundbreaking style. “As a package, her reporting illustrated the ‘live and current’ strength that 702 Talk Radio excels at, and was followed up by a solid revert after the live action,” said the judges.

Sports Show

  • Finalists:
    Discovery Sports Centre – Metro FM
    The Scoop – Jacaranda 94.2
    SAfm Sports Special – SAfm
  • Winner:
    Discovery Sports Centre – Metro FM | This show stands out for content that is credible and captivating, knowledgeable presenters and solid analysis.

Traffic Presenter

  • Finalists:
    Aki Anastasiou – Talk Radio 702
    Paulinah Somo – Talk Radio 702
    Bailey Schneider – 94.7 Highveld Stereo
    Frankie du Toit – Jacaranda 94.2
  • Winner:
    Aki Anastasiou – Talk Radio 702 | “In my opinion, the way Aki Anastasiou does the traffic is how all traffic presenters should – he gives you the information you need as a driver, and suggests alternative routes. He sounds ‘in charge’ of the traffic situation – which commuters in JHB will value as it is such a serious preoccupation and issue for them,” says judge Tony Lancaster. The other members of the judging panel commented on the precision, accuracy and relevance of his presentation, as well as his unflustered, honest and frank style. “He gives excellent information that listeners can rely on, and many people tune in specifically to hear his traffic reports.”

Wits Radio Academy Bursary Winner

  • Winner:
    Nontokozo Ngcobo | To find out more about Nontokozo, click here

Young Achiever Award

  • Winner:
    Smangele Mbatha – Gagasi 99.5FM | Smangele Mbatha has made a substantial impact within a relatively short time at Gagasi FM. She has come up with content which is viewed as daring, especially when viewed in the light of barriers and various limitations to dialogue around topical issues. She manages to get listeners to engage with the station and express their views. This is somewhat of an anomaly in a province which was previously seen as averse to such discussions and dialogue. Says Station Manager Patrick Bogatsu: “Her inherent creative skill brings a tangible difference to the production of the station’s content.”

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Winner:
    Issie Kirsh | “If I were to sum up 702 Talk Radio in one word, it would be ‘involvement’.” So says Issie Kirsh, whose efforts in developing South Africa’s first talk radio station helped earn him the MTN Radio Awards Lifetime Achiever Award. When Kirsh talks of involvement, his meaning encompasses every definition of the word. After all, Radio 702 was started as a station that involved all South African races, evolved to become the station that was involved as key political and social events unfolded, and is now known to be heavily involved in all South African communities.

“I’m terribly proud of what 702 Talk Radio has achieved, but it wasn’t all because of me. We’ve had some incredible people on board – Rina Broomberg, John Berks and Stan Katz were instrumental in creating the talk radio format, and Terry Volkwyn – who was the architect of Lead SA – continues to drive the company with her keen understanding of what radio is all about.

“I’d like to say that our combined efforts are helping to leave a legacy,” he concludes.

MTN Community Radio Station of the Year

  • Finalists:
    Radio 2000
    Radio Islam
    East Rand Stereo
    Radio Riverside 98.2FM
  • Winner:
    Radio Islam | It is always a pleasure and privilege to recognise and reward a station that takes delight in what it does; one that is passionate and enthusiastic about radio and committed to the medium. Radio Islam, this year’s Community Station of the year is a really worthy winner. It is not only an excellent example of community radio – serving its community exceptionally well – it is also a shining example of how good radio can be made. With an intimate understanding of its listeners, and an understanding of the role that it can play in fulfilling the information, entertainment, education and cultural needs of this community, Radio Islam fills a much-needed role in their life and lifestyle.

My Station Award

  • Winner:
    Radio Islam | During the course of the 2010 MTN Radio Awards campaign, MTN gave listeners the power. As part of the awards, MTN created two categories, namely the “MTN Ayoba Station of the Year” and the “MTN Ayoba Community Station of the Year”. Following the phenomenal response from last year’s listeners, MTN empowered fans to participate again by creating the “My Station” award.

Community radio stations were encouraged to engage their listeners to vote for them. Avid fans could SMS the name of their favourite radio station to a dedicated SMS line at MTN. The votes were tallied and verified by an independent auditor and the winner of this year’s My Station award is Radio Islam.  Radio Islam has come a long way since its inception. This community station currently has variety of projects that benefit its listeners and the surrounding community, and that has been reflected in the votes Radio Islam received.  MTN would like to congratulate Radio Islam on a job well done.

MTN Radio Station of the Year

  • Finalists:
    Talk Radio 702
    Jacaranda 94.2
    94.7 Highveld Stereo
    Kaya FM 95.9
  • Winner:
    Talk Radio 702 | They’ve done it again: Talk Radio 702, winner of last year’s MTN Radio Awards’ highly prized Station of the Year Award, has once again asserted itself as the best South African broadcaster.

Selecting the station as the best among the cream of local talent was no easy task, admit judges Lance Rothschild and Jeremy Maggs. “The Station of the Year is the jewel in the crown of the MTN Radio Awards,” Rothschild comments. “This year, five stations made it through to the finals, leaving the adjudication panel to face an interesting and challenging task in selecting the outright winner.”

Maggs, meanwhile, commented that the judges were pleased by the increased number of entries, not to mention the improved quality thereof. “Nonetheless, Talk Radio 702 stood out. The station has an edge and a relevance. One of our judging criteria was to ask whether a day would be incomplete if you didn’t tune into the station. In the case of 702 Talk Radio, we believe the answer would be ‘yes’.”

But just what is it about the station that makes for such compelling listening? “They may have been declared last year’s winners, but that didn’t mean Talk Radio 702 was about to rest on its laurels,” answers Rothschild. “On the contrary, the team has increased its effort and worked even harder to retain, and build, its audience. The station displays professionalism, focus, and a unique understanding of what makes for gripping radio in every aspect of its approach.”