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Register your account/profile for the 2018 Liberty Radio Awards Entry system via the website – Complete the registration form by providing information in the fields provided and click submit.

Please note: You will need to register your account/profile before being able to submit your entries. If you entered the 2018 Liberty Radio Awards, you will need to re-register your account/profile for the 2019 Liberty Radio Awards.


Login to the 2019 Liberty Radio Entry system. You can access the login in page via the website – Use the dashboard and toolbar to navigate your way around the entry system.


Select and complete the appropriate entry form for the category you wish to enter by clicking the ‘New Entry button’ on the toolbar on the left of the screen. Complete all the fields required on the entry form, for each entry you wish to make. The entry categories available are are clearly indicated under the ‘All Entry Category’ section on the tool bar and represent each category celebrated in the 2019 Liberty Radio Awards.

Please note: there will be no manual entry submissions.

Prepare your audio in accordance with the category requirements. Each audio file needs to be uploaded online, in .mp3 format only. Only broadcast material should be included.
Please note: judges will not acknowledge the inclusion of other audio material, such as specially recorded voice links or introductions. Remember to keep it to a maximum of six-minutes.

*Should you require any assistance, please contact or use the support facility on the entry system. *

Each entry has two parts – the audio and the written submission. Both are important to the judges and each should complement the other.

Audio submission

  • The audio submission consists of a maximum of a six-minute demo/bite/montage that has to have been aired in the period 1 January 2018 to 31 December 2018. The judges will stop listening to the audio after the six-minute time period.
  • Please ensure you read the submission information for your chosen category. Some categories require a compilation of extracts from a range of broadcasts over the year, rather than a single broadcast. If you submit a single broadcast when a compilation is required, the judges may feel they don’t have enough material on which to evaluate the submission in relation to the category being entered.
  • When submitting a compilation, remember that first impressions count. Ensure your audio is compulsive listening right from the very start. Its fine for any climax to come later – but the winning entry will be one the judges can’t stop listening to from the moment they press ‘play’.
  • Whether it’s a compilation or a single broadcast, before you submit your audio, do take the time to listen back to it, just as hard as you know the judges will be listening. Ask a colleague to check it through, too – maybe they’ll spot something vital that you’ve missed.
  • Your entry is your opportunity to showcase your talent. Make sure that your entry is a strong representation of your best work.

Written submission

  • Your written motivation is your opportunity to “sell” your entry to the judges and to fill in any gaps. Make sure that your written motivation is tailored to the category criteria and ensure that the written motivation and your audio submission, complement one another.
  • Ensure that you submit useful background information. Judges may have no idea where your show fits in the schedule, who it is aimed at and why you did it the way you did – don’t be afraid to tell them! Give them context so that they will understand your objectives.
  • You may edit your motivation right up until the entry deadline.