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The Liberty Radio Awards is a credible, well-judged transparent programme that promotes and recognises excellence in radio, with the objective of ensuring that radio remains one of South Africa’s foremost media choices. It’s about rewarding those individuals and organisations who combine talent, hard work and skill to ensure that their listeners are compelled. It’s about securing the future of the radio industry by rewarding excellence and motivating the constant and consistent raising of standards. Ultimately, it’s about raising the bar by recognizing and rewarding those that inform and entertain us. Over 93% of South Africans interact with radio on a weekly basis – more than any other media category. 

The Liberty Radio Awards seeks to motivate radio people and organisations to constantly raise the bar in terms of their performance, with a firm focus on keeping their listener engaged and happy. This secures the station’s future with the advantage of knowing that they are amongst the best of the best in an increasingly competitive landscape. We’re proud to recognise and honour South Africa’s outstanding radio talent, from in-front-of-the mic presenters to behind-the-scenes producers. In doing so, we hope to inspire people wishing to enter this dynamic industry. Winning a Liberty Radio Award needs to be seen as a key achievement, something to be added to the individual’s or the station’s résumé.