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2019 Liberty Radio Awards winners announced



The Liberty Radio Awards are the only industry-wide awards in the South African radio industry. Since the inception of these awards in 2010, there has been substantial growth in the number of entries and in the number of stations participating. Industry feedback has played an important role in the progress of these awards. It’s thanks to the foresight of a major group like Liberty, that these Awards are able to continue to promote and recognise excellence in the Radio industry.

The Liberty Radio Awards recognise the best of the best in the industry and set a benchmark for all radio stations and professionals to strive towards. Be sure to enter and it could be you who walks away with the advantage of knowing that you have been highly rated by a panel of industry experts that you otherwise would not have access to.



Our commitment to the Liberty Radio Awards enhances the focus on those who strive to make compelling radio; those who keep knowledge at close reach and those who continue to raise the bar on credible news. We acknowledge that lives are changed when knowledge is used in the service of humanity.
Through the Liberty Radio Awards, we are contributing to the continued success of the radio industry – Raising the bar by saluting the radio influencers who continue to put knowledge into action through storytelling, education, information sharing and entertainment.

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