We present the Bright Stars Club of 2017

Keneilwe Mohapi

Keneilwe, better known as Kenzy, is a young broadcaster who has an unwavering passion for radio. Her career started at TUKS FM where she was acknowledged as the Broadcaster of the Year in her final year. She then did a stint at Yebo Radio before commencing her commercial radio career at O-FM in 2009. Aside from her on-air responsibilities at the station, she took on music management responsibilities. In 2013, she moved to Capricorn FM where she hosted the Breakfast Show with great success. She currently hosts the station’s midday show and plays a vital role in the station’s music content. She brings a youthful maturity to the station both as a presenter and in her role as the music manager and her role has been key to the success of the station.

Herman Human

Herman continually demonstrates a passion and love for the art of Radio. He started out hosting the Sunday Breakfast Show and the dedication and loyalty that he demonstrated in his work saw him being asked to co-anchor the weekday mid-day show. He actively introduced Social Media innovations to the show and the station. Aside from his presentation duties, Herman took on the role of Sales Executive and he spends a substantial portion of his time attracting revenue to the station. Herman works tirelessly for the station, and his passion and love for the station and the medium is exemplified by the way he has set aside personal matters in order to give the station his love and attention.

Nonjabulo “Njabs” Zwane

Nonjabulo joined Gagasi FM as the producer of the station’s weekday midday show in December 2012. Her boisterous nature and provocative opinions were rapidly noticed and she was appointed to co-host the show. Demonstrating an enthusiasm for radio and the station, she immersed herself in the station’s behind-the-scenes work and was soon a member of the station’s music committee. In May 2014, she was instrumental in bringing a new Breakfast show to air, and this show has seen substantial growth. She is always looking for opportunities to give back to the industry and facilitates a Radio Production training programme run by the Moses Kotane Institute in Durban. She is presently furthering her studies, reading towards a B.Com degree which she intends to put to use as she directs her career aspirations towards a management role in the station.

Sthabiso Nyaba

Sthabiso started working for Inanda 88.4 FM as a newsreader in 2009. His dedication, focus and enthusiasm was noticed and he was appointed to present a current affairs show where he showed intellectual creativity and drive. Following his graduation from the NEMISA Radio Production and Content Production course, Sthabiso demonstrated an aptitude for the technical side of radio. Further training saw him become the station’s technical producer and later the Executive Technical Producer. He writes scripts, packages adverts, and has an exceptional ear for production enhancements that enrich the content and ultimately, the listener’s experience. Inanda 88.4FM increasingly relies on him and the broad range of skills that he has amassed add value to every department within the station.

Mbalenhle Shandu

Mbalenhle is a dedicated and driven individual who is hands-on in every department within the station. Initially appointed as a news editor, she has left her mark on colleagues and listeners. She re-formatted the station’s approach to news and showed great maturity in the way she trained her colleagues to adopt the new news style. Mbalenhle has taken on additional roles within the station and assists with administration, finance and sales. She is ambitious, inquisitive and innovative and shows a great love for the medium of radio and a dedication to Nqubeko FM.

Charonike Nel

Charonike’s radio journey began when she started out working on PUK FM nine years ago. She has massed several Radio Awards nominations for five different shows and has moved through the ranks at the station from Presenter, to Program Manager and now to Station Manager. She has made a substantial impact on operations and also on the station staff. Leading by example in most situations, she demonstrates her commitment to the station and the content and she never asks someone to do something that she is not prepared to do herself. Her tenacity has been rewarded through her efforts to obtain a grant enabling the station to upgrade its facilities. Charonike is also tasked with co-ordinating all student media at PUK. She has increased station revenue and she proves every day that she truly is more than just radio.

Lwazi Mpofu – TRUFM

Lwazi commenced his radio career in 2007 as an on-air producer for a teenage specialist programme. He enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media and Communications at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2010 where he also obtained an honours degree in Media Studies. He is currently studying towards a Master’s Degree in Journalism at Stellenbosch University. He presently holds several positions at TRUFM including freelance producer for an educational programme; freelance producer for a specialist Hip-Hop show; Freelance producer for the station’s documentaries. He is an all-rounder and his skills in research, scripting, production as well as his knowledge in several fields, make him a key asset to the station, the SABC and the broadcasting industry.

Katlego Mahlangu

Katlego is the Technical Manager at VOW FM. He developed a strategic plan for the technical department with the objective of revolutionizing the station’s technical systems. He has reshaped the department, developed key performance indicators, changed the station’s sound and added a more comprehensive production cycle. He has a genuine passion and the determination to make the best sounding radio possible. He demonstrates a hunger and determination to succeed, working long hours and showing a willingness to learn and to share his knowledge. Such is his commitment that he needs to be forced to take leave. He is definitely making his mark on the station and it is believed that he will make a mark on the industry in the future.

Each year, the MTN Radio Awards recognises young up-and-coming talent within the category of Young Achievers. These are young individuals within the industry who are making their mark and who show promise for the future. This category has grown in strength and popularity and the Awards received a particularly excellent batch of nominations this year. To celebrate the shining talent of the winners, for the first time in 2012 they have been inducted into the Bright Stars Club.

We present the Bright Stars Club of 2014:

 Salendran Thulukanam

Salendran is a producer with a rare talent and a commitment to excellence that will see him progress far along his career path. He is dedicated to ensuring that his work is of a consistent high standard, and the work that he has done for the ECR’s imaging has caught the attention of international producers.

Tyson Molemela

An honest, diligent, and focused individual, Tyson constantly works at developing his radio career, music and visual design skills. He has been passionate about the medium since he first got an interview on a campus radio station as a member of a rap group at the age of 15. He ultimately joined this campus station where he headed the station and built the audience to record proportions. He joined O-FM in March 2013 and has brought his passion and enthusiasm to the station and to his show, which is targeted at younger listeners.

Karien Basson

Is the co-presenter of Radio Tygerberg’s afternoon drive show ‘Vurvas’. She has brought her passion, commitment and enthusiasm to this show and is the catalyst for the lively interaction with her co-host. Karien places a significant premium on preparation and ensure that she comes to her show with more than sufficient material. She has a heart for the community and her inputs into the community and her enthusiasm for community projects are an inspiration to her colleagues. She believes that nothing is impossible and sets about showing this belief in everything that she does.

Mpho Phalatse

Is a dynamic young man with vision and the ambition to make an imprint on the entertainment industry. As a club DJ in and around Hebron, he approached Soshanguve Community Radio in 2008 with the intention of becoming a presenter. He was successful and began a show that burgeoned in popularity. He is very involved in community matters and in particular sport , and he has leveraged his community involvement into promotional and marketing opportunities for the station. His inquisitive nature has seen him acquire many useful skills, and aside from presenting, he also writes scripts for radio ads, records voice-overs, acts in radio dramas ,and is constantly refining his skills in radio production.

Dewald Noel van Niekerk

Has been in radio for 12 years. He started out as a presenter on TUKS FM 107.2 in 2002 and in 2005 was assigned a daytime slot on Jacaranda RMFM. He moved to Jacaranda FM in 2007 and presented the Saturday night programme for four years. Whilst at Jacaranda he also served as music compiler. In 2012, he moved back to his alma mater, TUKS FM to share what he had learned. He has led this station on to several MTN Radio Awards, increased the station’s revenue and has developed various training courses which have been adopted by the University of Pretoria.

 Terry-Ann Adams

We’re going to share a lesser-known secret about Terry-Ann here – she is legally blind. This is something that most listeners to TUKS FM 107.2 don’t know about her. She joined the station in 2012 with the clear ambition of becoming a broadcaster to be reckoned with. She has trained to become a presenter and hosted her own show, although she has now moved to the news department where she is looking to hone her journalistic skills. She produces two talk shows for the station, and despite being legally blind, insisted on receiving no special treatment, eschewing the opportunity to have special computer-based programmes brought in for her training. Her philosophy of always putting the listener first, the fact that she frequently outperforms ‘sighted’ colleagues and her passion for – and commitment to – radio make Terry-Ann a Bright Star to watch out for in the future.

We present the Bright Stars Club of 2013:

Seema Diahnan – East Coast Radio

Seema joined East Coast Radio as a contributor to a music show in late 2000. She successfully applied for a news intern position in 2001 and since then, she has made a solid impression on everyone at the station as her career path progresses upwards. She presently is the Deputy News Editor and she sets exceptionally high standards for herself. She takes on many tasks and has achieved phenomenal success as a field reporter, winning several accolades for her work. She has a sense for what will appeal to the listener, how to make it work on radio and how to get the job done. She most certainly has got radio in her blood and her love for the medium drives her to excel in her work. Watch her career closely.

Nick Efstathiou – OFM

Nick joined OFM as the producer of the Breakfast Show in 2001. He immediately made his mark and began to carve a niche for himself within the station. He has progressed through various roles and within many disciplines at the station, distinguishing himself every time. Nick is the one reliable “staatmaker” to whom colleagues can turn when the going gets tough. He is creative, efficient, effective and a highly competent leader on whom OFM has come to depend. Nick is a “Radio Guy” through and through and a vital link in the OFM chain.

Tshepo Makhubela – VOW FM

Tshepo is a technical producer on VOW FM where he works voluntarily displaying his passion for the medium of radio. He went out of his way to assist the Wits Radio Academy train a blind student, applying specific techniques in the training of this student. Although this was a daunting challenge, Tshepo threw himself into it, spending a great deal of time developing a technique and ultimately assisting the student. When at the end of the project, he was offered a small monetary reward for his dedication and effort, he declined this. Tshepo sets high standards for himself in preparing quality imaging for VOW-FM and works with the FUSE academy where he mentors and trains young talented female DJ’s. We honour him tonight with membership to the Bright Stars Club and we look forward to watching his career trajectory.

Rayhaanah Omar – Radio Islam

Rayhaanah has dedicated more than a decade to her passion for media broadcasting and radio journalism. She began her career at 17 as one of the first female presenters and producers at Radio Islam and her rise in popularity has been nothing short of meteoric. She has an understanding of her audience and their requirements and she frequently seeks to innovate and to implement ideas that will further reinforce the relationship between the station and the listeners. She also looks beyond the transmitter at creating additional opportunities to attract and retain listeners for Radio Islam.

Nonala Tose – Umhlobo Wenene FM

Nonala Tose is a young dynamic broadcaster who is very passionate about radio. She has just over 3 years’ experience in radio broadcasting, having started her career at YFM’s Y-Academy before moving on to the community radio station, Mix 93.8FM. Nala as she is best known on air also became the voice of the Kaya FM Summer Campaign in 2011 (Ke Summer Boss Re Ja Joy) and is now the content producer and co-host of the SJikiLanga Midday show on Umhlobo Wenene FM where she assumes the dual role of producer and presenter. Nonala loves research and is driven by what the listener wants. Her good radio command is reinforced by her Psychology background as she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences with Psychology as one of her majors from the University of Cape Town. Both well-learned and eager to learn more, she is indeed a rising star.

We present the Bright Stars Club of 2012:

Amoré Truter – PUKfm Station Manager

Amoré Truter has been part of PUKfm from 2005 and has since become an integral part of every aspect of the station. She started her career as News Reader and soon moved on to become News Editor. After finishing her studies, she took up the position as Assistant Station Manager and also featured on air. In October 2009 she took over as station manager, being named the first ever permanent station manager of PUKfm in 2011. Under Truter’s leadership, PUKfm has become one of the fastest growing campus radio stations in the country.

Tim Zunckel – OFM Programme Manager

In the three years that Tim Zunckel has been at OFM as Programme Manager, he has become a true radio leader and thinker. He is responsible for leading a team of presenters in a region that is known for its conservative politics and its broad diversity over four provinces and two languages. Zunckel’s greatest achievement has been in bringing people together, and his input at management level goes way beyond programming – his creativity, genuine human interest and unique problem-solving skills make him a young man who remains crucial to the long-term success of OFM.

Motseki Mabuya – Thetha FM Presenter

Motseki Mabuya took up the position of breakfast show host on Thetha FM in 2009. He currently presents weekly shows titled ‘Youth Talk’ on Thursday evenings and ‘Service Delivery Talk’ on Sunday. Mabuya also had a significant presence during the 2011 local government elections, when he hosted the IEC’s political/educational talk show, which was broadcast across community radio stations in Gauteng. Mabuya believes that anything is possible and that community radio is not only for developing talent, but can also be a platform for one to grow economically.

Zeenat Abdool – SABC Radio Channel Africa Presenter/Producer

Zeenat Abdool was hired by Channel Africa as a Producer/Presenter in 2008 after winning the Best Radio Student Presenter in Current Affairs category in the SABC News Awards. Abdool’s desire for hard work and experience soon became evident and was acknowledged with her first assignment covering Middle East politics. Other career highlights have included being part of the SABC’s national coverage team at the Pretoria election centre, covering COP15 in Copenhagen and COP17 in Durban and being given a live talk show called African Dialogues. At 26, Abdool has already made her mark on live broadcasting.

Zaid Bhoola – Lotus FM Presenter/Producer

Zaid Bhoola presents and produces Lotus FM’s Weekend Fix and has shown a flair for versatility that has made him one of the lading personalities at the station. Bhoola is a repeat SATMA nominee and has showcased many new artists, speaking to his passion and commitment to transforming lives and using music as a medium to unite people. He is devoted to community work and has an innate ability to influence and bring about positive change – something that is brought to life in the holistic healing approaches he features on his show.